You’re invited to join a pilgrimage with Holy Women whose creativity has blessed our world. These ancestors, foremothers, and sisters tell their archetypal stories: Miriam, the dancer; Hildegard, the artist and musician; Teresa of Avila, the writer; women of ancient times—Mary Magdalene and the Samaritan Woman—and more recent women, including Tekakwitha and Thérèse of Lisieux. Our journeys are the same, moving with no map, always on new ground, guided by inspiration, intuition, dreams, and the Spirit. This book is more than history, psychology, and scripture; it’s spun of spirituality and creativity, a love story that invites you to recognize that your walk has rich meaning, if only you attend. God has kissed not only these Holy Women, but each of us. A colorful display of art by and about these women and a treasury of creative exercises are included, suitable for use by individuals or groups.



In CHASING GOD, Shirley Cunningham invites us on an adventure with her personal yet universal stories of wisdom and faith. From Catholic girlhood, to entry and exit from the convent, marriage, motherhood, divorced “singledom” at age fifty, annulment, remarriage, and breast cancer, the journey is an amazing trip. Her stories of forgiveness, freedom, surrender, and love describe how a gentle, unknown God, bigger than any institution, coaxed her into ever-deepening and more inclusive spirituality. The powerful pull of Divinity took her beyond easy answers to complicated questions, and even beyond her own identity. Her healing from both breast cancer and her divorce from an ex-priest brought recovery of body and spirit, not only for her, but also for her clients as she taught the life-changing lessons she’d learned about sexuality’s connection to spirituality. Shirley’s powerful story will encourage women struggling with loss of health, faith, or love to courageously step onto the new ground of their own lives.

This book, full of dreams, epiphanies, and encounters with angels, promises that Divine guidance hovers at every turn for those who are willing to slow down and simply attend.



Wisdom, Compassion, Hospitality and Healing are continuing themes of the Stories of St Brigid. They speak to us, today’s women, even though she lived in the fifth century. Whether you relate to her as the archetype of a feminine leader or as a Christian saint, you’ll glean insights for your personal spiritual journey. Join Shirley Cunningham for an online workshop that will enrich your experience of Joy!

  • 2 Hour Long audio classes
  • Heart-felt meditation
  • Companion E Book
  • Original Music by Sister Kathy Sherman

This retreat style experience is skillfully and lovingly facilitated by Shirley Cunningham. Shirley’s varied teaching modalities and loving spirit will bless you in your continuing spiritual journey. Once purchased you can access it again and again, for healing and inspiration.

Shirley Cunningham, MA, MSW is an artist, writer and spiritual director offering retreats and workshops in many venues for over twenty years. Based on her visionary paintings of women saints, the Kissed by God, Holy Women Create workshop series and book will be available.

Kissed by God: Holy Women Create! This online retreat is a place where holy women from the past spoke and encouraged us to see ourselves like them, as powerful creations loved by God.  Anna Marie Freeman.

I feel refreshed, filled with new knowledge, inspiration and ample creative resources for my continuing spiritual journey. Shirley’s varied teaching modalities and loving spirit blessed me.  Heather Wiest.