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Art Activity Workshop - Trust Your Creativity: A Day of Art and Writing

Trust Your Creativity: A Day of Art and Writing

Listen to fun poems and songs, follow a few game rules to create a bit of art related to them, and we all will enjoy our colorful doodles, then wonder at their uniqueness! Have fun learning something about your own creativity in your own way. POP in - POP out - stay as long as you like or be on your way when you like.

Intended audience: Skill or experience in art or writing not required, only an attitude of openness and wonder! Adults. For registration/information, contact Pat at 928-245-7663.

Watch this site for more information!

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to Aug 22

Kissed by God: Holy Women Create!

Kissed by God: Holy Women Create!

A commuter retreat to introduce Holy Women kissed by God whose creativity flowed into our world in art, music and writing. - Miriam the dancer, Hildegard the artist/musician/writer, Teresa of Avila and Therese of Lisieux the writers.This interactive event invites your creative expression in response to these women from ancient times and today. You will carry away a selection of spiritual practices from your adventures with art, journaling, poetry, music, meditation. Invite these Holy Women to lead you to growth, a deeper trust of your own inner wisdom, grace and creativity in a comfortable, welcoming setting.

Intended audience is spiritual women. Fee $130 includes lunch and refreshment breaks.


For information on this commuter retreat, go to or call 602-748-4411

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Looking at Holy Women through the Lens of Diversity

Looking at Holy Women through the Lens of Diversity

Who are the Holy Women who have walked before us, our ancestors, foremothers and sisters in the Spirit? Miriam, honored by Jews and Christians as a prophetess…Mary, the subject of an entire chapter in the Koran and bowed to every day by Muslims…The Samaritan Woman, an outsider not even named in Christian scripture but raised to sainthood by Orthodox Christians…And did you know that Teresa of Avila, the great Christian mystic, was born into a Jewish family?…or that there is a modern Sikh mystic who painted his visions of Mary? Join us to look at our foremothers through the lens of diversity. Our One God has been loved by Holy Women of the three Abrahamic religions with deep devotion. Their lives continue to invite us to look at them through the lens of diversity.

For information, call 1-403-249-6184. No Fee.

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to Apr 8

RETREAT - Holy Women Inspired by God



April 6, 7 and 8, 2018
Images of Spirituality 29th Annual Gathering

Holy Women Inspired by God

Miriam, Mary. Magdalene. The Samaritan Woman. Brigid of Ireland. Hildegard. Clare of Assisi. Teresa of Avila. Therese of Lisieux. Kateri Tekakwitha. Let us gather at the feet of these holy women of scripture and Christian tradition to learn from their stories and recognize how like they are to our own journey. They invite us as saints and archetypes to sing, play, and explore art by and about them while forging bonds in an ecumenical setting organized by Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and United Church women, our fellow travelers of today! A time for rest, quiet, time in nature, and community, all blessed by the Spirit.

Intended audience is spiritual women of any or no denomination. Fee $260 includes food, lodging and program. Non-refundable registration fee of $80. Some bursaries available.
To register or find more information, go to website: Phone:
403-272-1950, Committee Chair.

Entheos Retreat Centre
242032 Range Road 40
Calgary, AB T3Z 2W8 Canada

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Parish Professionals Inservice - The Journey to Wisdom

The Journey to Wisdom

As we transition from one season to another according to the calendar or our own lives, how can we grow in Wisdom? Find new friends, new inner resources? More freedom, spontaneity…Could I live without a map? Is the Spirit whispering something to me about trust? You are invited to reflect on your own inner growth as you walk the mysterious path that is the way through your blessed and mysterious life.

Intended audience is parish professionals: nurses, caregivers, social workers. No fee. For registration/information, contact Sherri Spicer,

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10:00 AM10:00

Spiritual Directors Connecting

Issues of Diversity faced by Holy Women - Then and Now!

Holy women of scripture and Christian history lived in tumultuous times, times of war, attacks on those seen as ‘the other.’  These women, our mothers and sisters in the Spirit, felt the impact of divisions, patriarchy, homophobia and a ‘one-right-way’ mentality just as we do. Join us to explore healing beliefs shared by the Abrahamic religions and to consider how we can be open-hearted and bring a spirit of peace to our day and time.

The intended audience is Arizona spiritual directors. No fee, but registration required. For information/registration, contact

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6:30 PM18:30

Spirituality Lecture Series

Awakening Your Archetypes

Why are we attracted to certain characters from folktales of myths? Why do some figures, images or symbols from dreams carry a charge of energy? We all have heroes/heroines, ‘the mother/father, warrior, healer,’ for example. They can lead us to psychological and spiritual growth. Join us to explore more about how they reveal your own untapped potential, life purpose, and perhaps even a sense of their assistance.

Lecture intended for adults, general public. No fee, registration/questions: call library
623-930-3830 or email

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Book Talk - Kissed by God: Holy Women Create!

  • West Side Center for Spiritual Living (map)
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Journeying with the Holy Women
Shirley Cunningham presents to WSCSL Book Club.

West Side Center for Spiritual Living
9745 W. Peoria
Peoria, AZ
Ph: 602-908-6730
Info: Nancee Noel -

Books available for sale in center bookstore and on day of event.
Bookstore hours: Monday through Thursday 8 am-5 pm,
and before and after 10 am Sunday service.
Book Club discussion will follow 10am service and potluck.
All are welcome, no fee.

Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017, 12 pm - 2 pm

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7:00 PM19:00

Book Talk - Kissed by God: Holy Women Create!

St. Mary’s Academy Grad and Author, returns for 60th Reunion, after Meeting Ancestors of Classmates in Local Museum

Prairie du Chien, Wis.

On a visit home a couple of years ago, with no particular plan, I spent an afternoon at the local historical museum. I was impressed by dramatic murals of family trees that dated back to the founding of our town. The genealogy was fascinating and the names were familiar to me. I’d gone to school with DuCharmes, DesRoches, LaBonnes, St. Jacques, Fernettes. But many branches on the family trees weren’t complete. The women’s names were missing. No doubt some of them were Native American. It was a loss.

I’d been writing Kissed by God: Holy Women Create! - the archetypal stories of our creative foremothers from scripture and history. Tekakwitha, the first Native American woman recently added to the roster of saints by the Church was included. As I learned her story, I saw that her contact with 17th century fur traders and missionaries in the east was going on at the same time the voyageurs and Jesuits were on the waters of the Mississippi, right here in the early days of Prairie du Chien. What a point of connection! I’d long taken for granted the statue of Fr. Marquette that stood on the grounds of our school, St. Mary’s Academy. But now, I was alert. When I did the math, I saw that Marquette could have been in the seminary in France with the Jesuits who converted Tekakwitha. We have her story only because they wrote it.  

I think on some level, that visit shone a light on the stories I was writing. Too many women have gone unnamed across centuries of history, their work, stories, gifts, art and writing lost or minimized. I wrote this book because the stories of women need to be told. They didn’t know where their paths would lead, and neither do we. However, our journeys are the same, moving with no map, always on new ground, guided by inspiration, intuition, dreams and Spirit. I wanted to bring these creative, brave women, all of whom lived in times of war, to light.

So my book is more than history, psychology or religion, it’s spun of spirituality and creativity, a love story of women who said yes and stand before us as archetypes and mentors. Their stories invite us to live more deeply our own stories.

Free admission. Books for Sale.

Prairie du Chien City Hall
214 E. Blackhawk
Prairie du Chien, Wis.

Sponsored by Prairie du Chien Memorial Library
ph: 608-326-6211

Thurs., Sept. 28, 7-9 pm

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Book Talk - Kissed by God: Holy Women Create!

  • Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center (map)
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An afternoon with Holy Women...

Hiawatha, Iowa

… an introduction to eleven creative Holy Women of scripture and Christian history, our ancestors in the Spirit, kissed by God. We will meet one or two of them as saints who invite us to open to God’s kiss, and to our creativity as they did.  Our unique songs also are needed!Without them, God’s plan would be lacking! Let us join these Holy Women, our foremothers, to share reflections, to pray and to carry home spiritual practices for our continued inspiration and growth as the women we are called to be.

Suggested but not required that participants bring a copy of the book and a journal.

Books available in Prairiewoods Book Store prior to and at time of event. Some supplemental materials will be available.

Fee $15 due by Sept. 19. Please register soon as a minimum number of registrations are needed to prevent cancellation.

Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center
120 E. Boyson Rd.,
Hiawatha, Iowa 52233
Ph: 319-395-6700
Tues., Sept. 26, 2017, 1-3pm


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Retreat - Kissed By God: Holy Women Create!
to Sep 17

Retreat - Kissed By God: Holy Women Create!

  • The Franciscan Renewal Center (map)
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Join the Holy Women kissed by God whose creativity flowed into our world in art, music and writing: Miriam the dancer, Hildegard the artist, Teresa of Avila and Therese of Lisieux the writers. This interactive weekend retreat invite your creative expression as you explore art by and about Holy Women from ancient times (such as Mary Magdalene and the Woman at the Well) to today (including Tekakwitha and Hildegard). You will carry away a treasure of spiritual practices from your adventures with art, journaling, poetry, music, dreamwork, prayer and meditation--each nurturing your spiritual growth in your own unique way. Invite these Holy Women to lead you to deeper trust of your own inner wisdom, grace and creativity in a comfortable, welcoming setting.

Skill or experience in journaling, arts of dreamwork not necessary, only a spirit of adventure and wonder.

Register at or call 480-948-7460. Early registration strongly encouraged as the retreat may fill.

Read here about Kissed by God: Holy Women Create!— the author’s related book, available through her and Amazon.

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