The story of the King and the Jewel came in a twilight meditation of the kind that Carl Jung taught. As if in a waking dream, I found myself in a meadow with the beautiful brown horse, so close to me, I could touch his moist black nose and soon, we were riding in the clouds, transformed.

Once upon a time, she was in the meadow with a beautiful brown horse...

“I see a brown horse...
Coming very close, each pore of his wet nose, his bright eyes, his shiny coat-
What is not to love about this horse?
I climb on his bare back, my arms around his neck, his soft mane blowing in my face
As we gently rise, smoothly rise, easily rise, from the flower-filled meadow
Until we are flying, higher, higher, ever higher.
In the mist and clouds, my lovely horse brightens until he is white.
I hold tightly as we fly, as he grows a horn, a jeweled horn, as he champs his bit,
A jeweled bit basting rainbow prisms everywhere. We fly up, up, up through the clouds,
Through the mist, through the rainbows to a castle, every turret and wall cylindrical.
The doors open before us. We follow a long, red carpet leading to the throne room.
A king with long, white hair and beard sits casually on his throne,
one leg thrown over an arm of it, foot dangling.
His shiny cylindrical crown cocked crookedly over one eye. He speaks: “Why have you come?”
I ask him for the rest of my life. He gives me a jewel, an immense jewel.
Suddenly, I am back in the meadow with the brown horse, and
I have the jewel.