The 11th Century Cathedral in Sienna, Italy was built at a time when beliefs in ancient myths of sybils and prophetesses were mingling with Christian beliefs. The marble floor of the church is carved with these feminine figures, each inscribed with prophetic words proclaiming not myth, but the coming of Christ. In a time when many were illiterate, these arresting figures presented a lesson to those with eyes to see and open hearts. Today as the pilgrim moves through the entrance of the great church, these images guide our feet, until approaching the nave and altar, the images hovering all around become clearly Christian saints and angels. And thus, the Feminine Wisdom archetype provides this artist inspiration!

The ancient oracle appears.
Her words echo from the mists of time:
Prepare you, the way.
He is coming.

Her inner knowing tuned to past and present
Has no need of what is written.
Her own knowing is the wisdom
To inscribe: He is coming.

We honor you, Blue Sybil,
Who stands at crossroads
Of myth and mystic mystery
To proclaim: He is coming.