This queen is a summer--into--fall archetype carrying the energy of hot, sunny days, full golden harvests, fruit-laden vineyards ---ripeness... and... the wild, fieriness of summer is tempered by the first wind whose cold kiss paints the leaves red, gold, brown. New awareness of the turning of the season arises. What has been nurtured is now cut down. The heart knows death and cold approach.

From the corners of creation
Glows a place of passion:
The fire of the south
Where wild spirit Queen sends forth all life.

Her red dreams promise what is to come:
The harvest grapes-translucent wine-
As her handmaids watch:
The fox, the lizard, the cat.

In the dance of life to death and death to life,
Vines must be cut--with bows of reverence:
To wine, to bird song, to sunflowers,
To Mother Earth.