Litany to the Queen of Angels.jpg

This painting is dedicated to my dear friend, Barb Gittus, who gave me the lovely golden angel pin you see here. She was greeted, I’m sure, at Heaven’s Gate by the Queen of Angels. She was a woman of faith, humor, optimism generosity and great spirit. One of the most memorable Thanksgivings of my life, I spent with her in the City of the Angels. May she be safe in the arms of the Holy Mother.

Holy Mother,
You hear the small voices of the night.
You see the fallen nest
And send your angels.

They do your bidding,
Queen of Heaven,
Queen of Angels.
You are their lady and ours.

Holy Mother, House of
Gold, Morning Star,
Welcome us, your children home
Let us fly into your arms at the Gate of Heaven,
Safe in your everlasting love.