Some wise person said that consistency is the hobgoblin of a little mind. But we often feel judged for following that inner urge to change direction. And so we may miss the invitations to a wider, deeper life. Open to freedom. Trust what your heart knows even if those around you haven’t heard the soft whisper, ‘Turn, dance, leap!’

A little shining place inside invites me.
This tiny shimmer knows its power
To dance and flow, to swirl
In sparkling pirouettes.

Have you been hovering there for eons, little one?
Waiting? Barely known? Barely seen?
The smallest spark?
Hiding your brilliance in the mists of doubt?

Ah, Quicksilver. Today you shall fly
In silver skirts voluminous as clouds billowing.
Your mercurial dance,
Flashing eyes and hair---teach me to leap!