This painting of a flying woman is called ‘Into the Light.’ She came to me when I felt the responsibility of care taking my deathly ill husband as very overwhelming. I knew it wouldn’t be long and my life would change as he left me for higher realms. As I painted, I could feel his spirit flying away and my own growing lighter, soaring like this woman.

Just how do the arts open us to the Creative Spirit? It seems to me that exploration and discovery are the warp and woof of the process. I have watched my own resistance standing before my canvas, paint loaded onto the brush, waiting, waiting.

What happens often surprises me. I make a line, brush on a bold color, and whatever was just waiting to emerge does begin to come to life, often bearing little resemblance to ‘the plan in my head.’ I’m beginning to trust that all I need to do is be there! Do you notice, too, that you run away, delay, procrastinate taking those first creative moves?

It seems I have less of a model from the outside world to paint from these days, and more of an inner receptivity that seems to welcome what flows out onto the canvas. It’s as though Intuition in her gentle way smiles and beckons me on when I don’t know where I’m going or how to ‘do it.’ To me intuition, inspiration and the Creative Spirit are near at hand and waiting for me to show up.