Do you think you have an inner artist? When you consider images from all the cultures of the world and all time periods, you may conclude that the inner artist is simply part of our inborn human spirit. Carl Jung thought so and called these energies within ‘archetypes.’ One can consider one’s life a work of art...take time to listen inside today and see what may want to be created in your life!

Give yourself an hour to explore...All you need is a piece of light tag board (an old file folder will do), some glue, scissors and that pile of magazines you have sitting around under the coffee table. Creating a collage is easy and revealing. No need to think or plan, just begin.

Cut a rectangle or square out of the unfolded part of a file folder. Then, begin browsing your magazines -- images will capture your attention and maybe a word or headline will, too. Tear them out without analyzing your reasons. Just trust that some energy from your spirit connected with what you tore out. Do this quickly...a dozen torn out pieces will be more than plenty. Now play with them! Arrange them on your rectangle. You’ll know what to do - use all your pieces or not. Whatever! No right or wrong here ---

When you’re finished, sit down and write about what this experience was like for you. How did it feel? Fun? Frustrating? What? And what do you notice about the piece you created?

What image or word seems important? Is anything partly hidden? Does something here seem to be a ‘message’ to you?

When I examined my own ‘artist archetype’ collage above and wrote about it, the next step that invited me was to ‘enter’ the images by saying “I am---.”

My reflection follows.

The Artist Archetype

I am one who has known the exhilaration of breakthroughs
and bears the proof in scars.
I am one who often goes far away
then yearns to breathe that sweet air again, soon, ever.
I am one who has been stranded
and also has delighted in fields of flowers
where I stood
when alone
and direction-less.
I am one who knows deeply that I can work and walk
my road and path
in ever new ways.
I am one who sits atop the world in light
while gazing into the magical dark.
I am one who sees with blind eyes
visions of serene beauty,
and knows the pure truth:
all is well and all is well.