The words you see below are from the Madonna’s heart. She embodies wisdom and love and invites each of us to a deep spiritual reality such as found in the center of the great labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral. That center holds the sun’s rays as they fall from the rose window by design of sacred geometry. Through that design, the sun falls there...a place of holy meeting for each of us, on the solstice.

What I want you to know is
You are being led.
You will meet me at every turn
And taste my love and life and beauty and wisdom.

Let your prayer be a dark garden
Where all that grows is beautiful
And connected to me and to my life.
The darkness of the garden is full of fragrance.

Enter the deepest place of beauty and love:
The rose of Engedi, the rose of Sharon.
Remain in the center of the deepest rose,
Enclosed and embraced until you know the riches of my gifts.