Shirley Cunningham
Shirley Cunningham

Always a good thing for a woman to speak for herself, don’t you think? I did just that when my first book came out: “SHIRLEY CUNNINGHAM, MA, MSW, LCSW has experience as a counselor and workshop leader. She also trained as a spiritual director at the Shalem Institute, Washington, DC and was one of the founders of the Arizona Ecumenical Institute for Spiritual Direction Training Program, Phoenix, Az. She has taught on the college and university level and offered workshops and retreats for over twenty years in a variety of settings. A long-time student of spirituality, psychology, journaling, dreams, intuition, imagery, and creativity, she has kept journals and written poetry from childhood, but the reality of cancer powerfully shifted the focus of her work and personal life to creative expression. She tells the story in her memoir, CHASING GOD.”

It was all true then, and now, there’s a whole lot more! I’ve just launched my second book, but before we go there…if you’ve read my blog on ‘How My Grandmother’s Portrait Arrived,’ you already know that something released a great creative burst in me when CHASING GOD came out:

        I had a dream. A voice asked me, “Who are you besides who you are?”
        My answer was “A writer.” I was disappointed. I’d wanted the answer to be
        “An artist.”

Dreams are mysterious and sometimes portentous. Little did I know then that the art you see on this website would emerge as easily and mysteriously as a dream. And I had no idea that I’d ever write an official ‘Artist’s Bio,’ but today here it is, an addendum to my earlier introduction to you:

As time passed, sacred feminine faces, images from myths, sacred traditions, dreams,  and archetypes flowed onto my canvases. The faces seem to show up of their own volition, beyond what can be planned or controlled...like dreams, like life, and now they have led me to write my second book, all about them: KISSED BY GOD: HOLY WOMEN CREATE!”

 Welcome, please read on! and know that You are invited to create as they did!

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